E-cig sellers jockey for market position before FDA issues regulations

Sherman man’s e-cigarette explodes while charging

“We’re supposed to start a campaign by the end of the year,” Alelov said of Logic’s TV push. But, he added, “we want to wait for the FDA’s proposed regulations to suggest “what we can and can’t show on television.” Matthew Steingraber, co-founder of White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes , said there are “positives” that come from having no federal regulation, including “flexibility in the type of nicotine we can offer, and we’re not held to a certain flavor.” White Could sells e-cigarettes containing six different strengths, ranging from “nicotine-free all the way up to 5.4 percent by volume,” he said, adding that the options are a selling point to those looking to transition to e-cigs and then taper down their nicotine consumption. The Tarpon Springs, Fla.-based company also sells 19 different flavors of e-cigs, including two added last month: Iced Berry and Zero K, which boasts “a cold blast of peppermint.” Flavors are prohibited for traditional cigarette makers. In 2009, the FDA flexed its muscle in regulating tobacco for the first time by banning candy- fruit- or clove-flavored cigarettes because of concerns they would attract teens. “Adults, in fact, like fruit-flavored things, and I think it’s a nice change, whenever you’re switching from tobacco, which tastes horrible, to have different flavors available to you,” Steingraber said. He is concerned that the FDA might decide to ban flavored e-cigarettes as well.
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Dr. Wynn says that’s concerning, not only because of the potential injuries they could inflict, but because you may not always know what’s in them. “We don’t know what the industry put in the electronic cigarettes,” Dr. Wynn said. “I believe we need more research to determine whether the electronic cigarettes are harmful or helpful for patients.” As for the Sloans, they say they’ll never try another. “Every time I see someone buying one at a gas station or anywhere, I let them know that you know, be careful because they can explode,” Sloan said.
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NJOY: The E-Cigarette That Aims To Snuff Out Smoking

It also explains why NJOY has become the largest company fully dedicated to making a genuine replacement for cigarettes. Were available at 60,000 doors including all of the largest convenience chains, Walgreens and Wal Mart. But were not stopping there. Were continuing to improve to get even closer to a real cigarette. The closer we get to this goal, the closer we get to making combustion cigarettes redundant. MEB: If we take your argument to its logical conclusion, wouldnt you be making your own product obsolete?
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